The Grind is the Point


The slow grind of building software is just that – it can be a really slow grind. There are times when you feel like you’re not making any progress and there are times when you just sit quietly in front of the computer screen and… nothing… happens… for… a… long… time…

And then, you get up, get a drink from the fridge, go work out, grab a meal, take a quick nap, and you realize that nothing is really happening still.

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The Part-Time Indie…?


I think it’s neat to hear other’s stories about their software development journey and how they are building small indie business’ for themselves. I just got word about Manton Reece and his recent journey into this world:

There’s paperwork to do and code to write. There’s health insurance to figure out. But there are also some things that have already been wrapped up. My projects at work are in a good place, hopefully not needing constant maintenance. We just refinanced our house, so that’s a monthly savings, and something that I’m told is difficult without a “real” job.

I’m subscribed and can’t wait to read how he gets on.

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On Illegal Downloading, Warez


I got this email this morning and I literally LOL’d. First, I was impressed that one of the community members had the courage to outright admit what they had done. And second, I laughed because it’s honestly doesn’t bother me that much.

But, I wanted to share with you my response, in gist, and then expand on it a bit…

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Over 4,000 Updates



Seeing a number like this is really quite exciting. To think that there are literally thousands of users updating to the next version can really get the blood flowing!

Now, this is just after the first day post-release, so, I’ll continue to see some high figures (not as high as this) over the next few days and weeks, but, it just makes me smile.

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