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10 Tips on Using Apple Promo Codes, Tokens


You only get 100!

I shared this previously on one of the recent Desk Dev Docs as one of the areas that I really could have done much better but I thought I’d jot a few things down so that others might benefit.

Obviously, promotional codes are great opportunities (when used really wisely and well) to get your app in front of a lot of people that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to showcase to.

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Everything Exciting Happens at the Airport


A few weeks ago I was given a notice in my Developer Admin panel about a “Request for Artwork” – this is a very exciting notification to get and one that every Apple developer dreams about because it essentially means that your app is being considered as a potential for Feature which could radically shift the momentum of your app.

Here’s what the email looks like:

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Simple Financial Budgeting and Modeling for an Indie App


My first payment from Apple!

Getting paid is for an indie app is a tricky thing because money wasn’t the original motivator or driver in building the product. Like most of the things that I’ve done I first built it for myself and then much later decided to bring it to market.

And not all of the things that I build will ever see the light of day outside of my own personal computing system.

For instance, there are a few scripts and smaller web apps that I’ve built for myself so that I can generally operate at capacity. An example of this might be a Google Chrome extension for productivity.

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Thinking Through Integrations


Not too bad, right?

Here’s a first attempt at what an integration with Evernote might be like (make sure to sign-up if you’re interested in this!). It’s a first pass, if anything.

The important thing to remember from a development side of things is this: Getting the integration piece solid, first, is more important than creating some super-robust and comprehensive feature-set. In time I can expand any features that might make additional sense for users.

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A Representation of the Self

Listen to this and listen to what he says around the 1st minute about his attention to design:

It had to be that artistically perfect to me because it represents yourself when you do a great design.

I have often thought about how one’s work is a representation, an extension, of the self. I think this is why Desk is so personal to me in terms of a product and project. I take seriously the work and I can beat myself up about the failures (i.e. bugs, issues) that I might encounter.

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 009: 5 Things I Could Have Done Better at Launch

This is the longest vlog I’ve done so far and I apologize if at some point you realize that I might actually be rambling.

I give a little more context for the “intro video” here.

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Designing an Effective (and Beautiful) Email Newsletter


This is a Guest Post by Jason Rodriguez, a designer and writer. His first book, Modern HTML Email,  was self-published in 2013. He’s hard at work on his second, which is due out on January 15th. You can follow his progress on Twitter or via his own weekly newsletter

As someone who spends a lot of time writing, I’m always on the lookout for a solid, comfortable writing application. I’ve tried them all–Writer Pro, Scrivener, Byword, Ulysses, Pages. Hell, I even write in my code editor on occasion. But when I saw Desk, I knew I had to give it a go.

Turns out that was a smart decision. Desk is not only beautiful, but is an app that understands a blogger’s workflow. As a long-time blogger himself, John knows exactly what most writers want: An elegant interface that works seamlessly with popular blogging platforms.

Oddly, one of the most interesting aspects of Desk isn’t the app itself but the community that has grown around it. John has put in a lot of effort to connect with other writers, even going to far as to start, a place for writers to get together, chat about the process of writing, and support each other.

As part of growing a community, John has wisely decided to start an email newsletter. Email is one of the most effective ways to connect with people. As an email designer, I immediately signed up and eagerly awaited that first issue.

When it finally hit, I devoured it. Then, I noticed the design…

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Awarded “Best App of 2014″!


I’m really not sure what to say because I have very few words coming to me at this very moment.

Desk has been awarded the incredibly prestigious honor of being one of Apple’s 2014’s Best Apps!

Floored. Grateful. Humbled. Excited. Nervous. Honored. I’m going a bit crazy right now in my pajamas, to be honest.

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An Overview of the New Landing Page (and What I Learned From the Last One)


If you happen to stop by the homepage of Desk App you’ll encounter a much different landing page experience than the one you encountered at first.

For the record, this is now the fifth marketing page that I’ve created since I came up with the idea of Desk and launched in publicly.

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Listed in Top “Apps for Writers”!


I had one major goal that I had when I began thinking about bringing Desk to market was this: Get listed in the “Apps for Writers” section of the Mac App Store.

Not only is this an obviously-curated list by the App Store Editors but it would clearly bring some more attention to my small indie project and would presumably drive more sales.

There is no way to “request” that you get in there either, so it’s essentially “luck” if you do. I’ve had a stroke of luck recently and I’m really enjoying the ride because now Desk is officially listed!

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