Facebook… What…


Whelp… I never thought I’d be spending so much time working on Facebook and their API… I’m not exactly a super-fan of their social network. Ugh.

So, apparently in their latest update they now restrict access to Facebook Notes for 3rd-party apps.

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Better and Better and Better

I love that:

It kept getting better and better and better. It was like, polishing. It was like you had something really neat to start with but then you polished it… it became legendary.

I think this is what I’m trying to do, just simply get better and better and better. It will take time but that’s okay; good things take time.

Context is Important


Dan shares a “revenue snapshot” of his product line and sales giving the public a candid look at what his business does on the daily:

It’s a snapshot in time. There was nothing special about yesterday’s numbers, it was just another day. We’ve had much better, and we’ve had much worse.

This was in response to Sam Soffes retrospective on his small app and how the perception of success can be way off in terms of reality:

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