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Signing Your Work

I couldn’t be more in support of Seth Godin’s words this morning as he shared his thoughts about being “proud” of the work that you do:

We expect authors, painters and singers to identify themselves, to sign the work they do.

And surgeons and lawyers as well.

What about managers, committee members, engineers and everyone else who makes something? Who made this policy? Who designed this menu? Who approved this project?

If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it. If you are, sign your work and own the results. We’ll know who to thank. If you work for a place where work goes unsigned (internally, in particular) it’s worth asking why.

Love that, and that’s why I decided very early on that I was going to try to find a way to do that as well in the way that I built my app and how I talked about it.

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 007: $71.65!

I celebrated two wins yesterday! The first is somewhat obvious as we were featured in the app store! Again, so humbled and thankful that we (and that’s the right word… “we”) can celebrate together this accomplishment!

Secondly, I reached “profitability”… at least from one perspective and how post-launch I have made a whopping total of $71.65! I share more of the context of how I got this number and the road ahead.

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Featured: Best New App!

Wow! Amazing!

Wow! Amazing!

So humbled to discover today that Desk was featured as one of the “Best News Apps” in the Mac App Store!

I’ve saved a ton of screenshots because this probably won’t happen ever again!

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An “Excellent Début: Une Belle Application”!

I saw this French review via the Mac App Store and I didn’t need Google Translate for the first few lines!

I appreciate this so much and daily feel honored and humbled by the community around Desk already – we’re a small yet passionate bunch!

Here’s the review in it’s original form and the english translation as well:

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Family Sharing? Yes!


As Mark noticed (via Twitter) you can actually share Desk app with your family if you have it turned on. That means that you only have to purchase it once and then your entire family can download it as well!

I think this makes sense and I don’t feel as if I need to charge each individual family member for a copy. Besides, “a family that writes together, stays together!”

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A Quick Retrospective on the Desk Marketing Video

My marketing video above was not in the “original” plans, if you will, when I first started thinking about making what was once a small app built for one (i.e. me) into something that would be sold to people around the globe.

But once the idea took root I had to see it through. Essentially, what I wanted was a video that could capture and showcase how the app might be used in an everyday environment and circumstance. In essence, I was building an application that was always ready and willing to capture your thoughts and then had the built-in features to share those thoughts with the world (from wherever you are).

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This Makes Us Sad

An incredible game by Ustwogames came out a little while ago called Monument Valley which may be one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen with gameplay that is mind-melting. The concept is simple but the implementation and execution is flawless and breathtaking.

It is impossible to not appreciate the work and love that they put into developing such a well-thought through app. I would have paid much, much more for the app than what they were asking.

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 006: My Goals for Desk

My goals for Desk are pretty simple:

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On the Shoulders of Giants

Isaac Newton once famously said:

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

And there couldn’t be much more truth to that statement than in the world of software because much of the “new” software out there today (and coming out daily) has been indelibly marked by their predecessors.

In other words, many new apps have found their inspiration in the apps that came before them and that’s definitely applicable in the case of Desk.

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Doing Things That Don’t Scale

One of the #1 “secrets” and strategies for success in a startup and achieving growth and scale as one builds traction is actually doing things that do not actually scale.

In other words, one of the best ways to grow a startup is to do things that aren’t easily repeatable and that aren’t optimized for time and effort.

Sometimes this means walking a strip-mall and handing out physical fliers so that you can land that very first customer or even spending an hour on the phone with a customer who’s confused on how to purchase your app from the App Store.

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