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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 001: Ship

Hope I can do more of these! Enjoy!

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Traction: Capturing Emails


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been spending much more time intentionally thinking about building traction around this app. It seems odd that I would do this considering that I’ve never really thought about it historically and some of my previous projects did just fine.

But I really, really care about how this one performs because I believe it might just have the most impact out of all my other small apps that I’ve created. People need stories. They need people to write those stories. They need to be published, to be told. All that matters.

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iPhone 6, 6 Plus GUI PSD


Teehan+Lax have released their updated PSD GUI for the iPhone and it’s gorgeous, per their usual.

For many Mac developers the consideration for an iOS complement is always an option. I know that I’ve already considered a small yet super-functional mobile version of Desk, synced via iCloud Drive.

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The Indie Developer and the Mac App Store

There has been a significant amount of chatter recently around the Mac App Store and not only its future but also the future of many of the apps that currently live within.

The issue is nuanced and can be as complex as you want it to be; there are many more blog posts out there that do a far better job of giving context and recommendations of change such as this one here (a must-read for the Mac Developer) and this one too.

I love Milen’s thoughts because they are not only comprehensive but fair as he also provides context for what has previously happened historically in the MAS (“Mac App Store”).

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Re-Uploaded Binary


Well… shit.

Well, yesterday I found some minor issues that forced me to reject my current binary and re-submit the app for review. Unfortunately, this may have reset my App Review Time which means that we may be waiting another week for a first review.

Ugh. It is what it is.

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App Review Times


A week isn’t really a very big amount of time but it can feel like an eternity when you’re waiting on the Apple Review process to kick in.

There is no update so far and Desk still hasn’t been picked up for Review yet – so, I’ll continue to wait it out.

The best estimate, though, for those that are curious about how long these things take is the site App Review Times which is community-powered by developers who have submitted their apps and then report on how long it takes to get approved.

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Remembering Your Window Size

One of the small changes that I’ve made to the app before submitting it to the Apple Store (still waiting to be picked up for review, btw) is allowing the application to remember the size of the writing area that the user explicitly changed it to when they were using it.

In other words, I’ve created a slight (but important) personal customization to the user experience that I think makes a lot of sense.

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Submission to Facebook


I want Desk to be searchable and available on Facebook so I went through the process of getting the app approved on that platform.

It took a bit of time to get it right but I’m glad I did as it might bring in more than a handful of interested digital publishers.

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Submitting to the Store!


Yes, it’s true. After going gold for the first time I built another GM over the weekend and worked out a handful of small bugs to finalize what I believed would be the master market candidate.

And I submitted it, with a bit of challenge, to the store yesterday. A large sigh of relief worked itself through my body as I sat there feeling pretty good about it.

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Support Site


I have launched a new support site (powered by Uservoice) and I’ve chosen it based on the fact that it’s entirely free for one user agent (with limited functions).

Although, at this point I believe I’ll be forced to become a paying user since I’m using the sub-domain feature…

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