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Desk is Here!

Desk… is finally here!


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Launch Tomorrow!

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

Tomorrow is the very big day for us as Desk will be shared with the world! I’m excited and humbled at the very same time.

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My Investment (So Far)

I’ve had a bit of time to just rest while we wait ever so patiently for Apple to approve my updated binary so that the world may experience the awesomeness that is Desk (or at least I think so).

Consequently, I’ve had time to retrospect about all the work that’s been done over the last year and how much time it’s taken me to get this thing into orbit. Per usual, the stats pretty much blow my own mind. I mentioned this on my last vlog and I wanted to fill in some of the numerical gaps.

At this point in time here’s what I see:

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 003: Changes in Scope

Another great question via Demian about the changes in scope:

I know you have had a vision for Desk for a very long time. I also know that since you have gone through the Alpha testing, some things have been expanded or added to the application that may have been outside the original design. Can you talk about how your vision or scope of what Desk can do has changed from the day your cranked out the first line of code to the product you submitted to Apple?

I attempt to answer that question in the above video.

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Thinking Mobile: Notes App

Since I’ve been waiting on the Mac App Store to officially accept the first market-ready version I’ve had a few moments of product development and engineering reprieve and it’s given me some time to think through some of the other things that have been occupying my mind as it relates to Desk.

Namely, the ecosystem that I hope to create around the application. This term is used in the very broadest of senses, by the way, and includes anything from community engagement (online & offline) as well as web and mobile components.

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 002: Supporting the Product

Supporting the product is crucial once the app is out in the wild. I share some thoughts on how I plan on doing that!

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When Apple Says “Jump”…


So, this is sort of not surprising but it still stings a bit. Okay, okay – it stings a lot. But, as I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve never gotten an app through into the store the first time through.

At least the review came swiftly!

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In Review!

It’s true – we’re in review! As you can see, I’m kind of obsessed with knowing about it… took 7 days to get into review, so, hopefully we can move through the review process smoothly.

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Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 001: Ship

Hope I can do more of these! Enjoy!

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Traction: Capturing Emails


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been spending much more time intentionally thinking about building traction around this app. It seems odd that I would do this considering that I’ve never really thought about it historically and some of my previous projects did just fine.

But I really, really care about how this one performs because I believe it might just have the most impact out of all my other small apps that I’ve created. People need stories. They need people to write those stories. They need to be published, to be told. All that matters.

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